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Activity Vector Analysis ® (AVA) is the pre-eminent behavioral assessment system for managers making decisions for hiring, succession planning, team-building, transfers, promotions and career direction worldwide for over 50 years. WebAVA extends the opportunity for clients to make those decisions in a more flexible, timely and cost-effective manner. WebAVA opens the door for rapid deployment of additional, even customized reporting for your firm, and for the next generation of AVA users.

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Benefits of WebAVA

  1. Administrative Savings: Eliminates data entry & increases accuracy
  2. Availability: Your candidates can complete an AVA individual analysis anywhere in the world with web access.
  3. Immediate Results:   Assessments are scored on-line in seconds, reports are available immediately.
  4. Flexibility: More reporting options, increased accuracy, privacy, use on web or download data warehousing.
  5. Control: Advanced administrative/manager options.
  6. Ease of Use: AVA resources are just a click away.
  7. Easily Modified: Ask questions specific to your business.
  8. Instant Upgrades & Access to New AVA Products
2014 AVA Certification Schedule (pdf format)
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